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Patch for possible inconsistencies in Indexation with JIRA 5.1.+

This notification should be usefull for any JIRA Administrator who had implemented or want to implement smart workflows. By smart workflows, I think about Workflows : able to interact with with other Workflows usingĀ  Auto-Action capacities of OSWorkflow … Few … Continue reading

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Auto-Transitions with JIRA

What may be an Auto-Transition ? Basically, in JIRA, is considered as Auto-Transition, any Workfow Transition which has not been fired by the user through the UI. How JIRA Community does implement Auto-Transitions In JIRA Community, there are different ways … Continue reading

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Align JIRA Workflow to your process

“Align JIRA to your process“ is more than a slogan. It is an objective that we are trying to reach with Minyaa Suite for all our clients. Since Minyaa 2.0, a new Workflow Designer allows you to create more easily … Continue reading

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Migration to JIRA 4.1.x for more than 4 years old plugin

Minyaa is the successor of Kaamelot plugin, initially developped for JIRA 3.7 and maintained until JIRA 3.12. When Minyaa started to replace Kaamelot, there were more than 120 modules in atlassian-plugin.xml file. Kaamelot (now Minyaa) comes with improvements for different … Continue reading

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