Minyaa Suite 2.5 is released

Minyaa Suite 2.5 is released and available for download

For a glimpse into what this new release has to offer, check out the release note.
Minyaa is compatible from JIRA 3.13.0 to JIRA 4.3 (10 distinct builds).

News since Minyaa Suite 2.4 …

You missed the previous announces … see Minyaa 2.4 ,2.4.1 and 2.4.2.

JIRA 4.3 Compatible !

  • You can now test the latest JIRA release with Minyaa 2.5 !
  • All Minyaa features are is migrated for JIRA 4.3.

New features in Minyaa Core/Tools

  • With Two new User Picker Custom Fields, Minyaa provides now 3 User Pickers able to enhance User selection following different criteria : By Group, By Role and By Permissions.

    This 2 new customfield allows you to specify directly in the Default configuration the Project Role or Permission criteria to use in user filtering.

    • A new Custom Field Picker to allow selection of user depending on his Project Roles : User Picker By Roles.
  • User Group Picker, User by Role Picker and User by Permissions are now sortable and usable for in Notification Schemes.
  • Error Messages for Custom Fields from Minyaa Tools are now internationalized (MYAA-926).
  • Auto-complete (by Ajax call) for User Picker from Group is now working for any release of JIRA (MYAA-911),

New features in Minyaa Workflows / Workflows Designer

Some fixes in Minyaa Time

  • Excel export for Minyaa reports are done using Report Name and *.xls extension (MYAA-771, MYAA-924).

Some other fixes …

We hope that you truly enjoy the latest improvements that we have brought to our software. More importantly, we hope that this release will help your business grow more efficiently and successfully.

If you want to discover all those exciting new features download your free Minyaa Suite

Download now a 1-month trial …

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2 Responses to Minyaa Suite 2.5 is released

  1. patricy_chang says:

    Hi, We are Jira user and now prepare to upgrade from v3.12.2 to the newest version, and we use the plugin named:Kaamelot JIRA Plugin, now Kaamelot changed name to minyaa.
    There two question :
    1. We download the latest version at Minyaa and get trieal key,but can’t install it, due to message:
    JIRA Server Id. is not controlled against the Server Id. provided by the Minyaa License, to allow an initial setup of JIRA.
    Yes, that right, we try not only once, becasue the minyaa trial key can’t offer us to upgrade original plugin at JIRA v4.0 (from v3.12.2 upgrade to…)
    Would you please give me a hand to resolve this problem.

    2. The other question is : We not sure this plugin offer what kind of function due to the choice the plugin creator already quit. Would you please simple description main function.

    Sorry, Above two problems.

    Nice to have your message. Thanks in advance.

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