Minyaa Starter Program updated

When Atlassian decided to create the Starter Program, we find that it was a great idea and decided to follow them.

The only variant was that, we opted for another beneficiary : FIAN (FoodFirst Information and Action Network).

Starter Program allows small teams to acquire great Atlassian Softwares for low cost and also extend them with marvelous plugins.

“But small teams are not only in small companies …” and when Starter Licenses represent the majority of sales, it starts to be difficult to find any value.

Starter Licenses mean lots of administrative tasks (sale, periodic donations) and the same quantity of support tasks as other licenses.

Be able to absorb all these transaction costs, like Atlassian does, is no more reasonable …

For all of these reasons, we (Pyxis Technologies and Minyaa) decide to revise our Starter Program.

From April 1st, Minyaa’s Starter Program will mean :

  • Always 10 Users Licenses compatible with JIRA Starter License
  • Always 10$ of donation to FIAN or any other (next donation should be done for Japan with RedCross)
  • New prices able to cover real costs of such activities (Check soon new prices).

In some case, Starter Licenses was purchased in order to perform long term evaluation or as Developer licenses!
Do not hesitate to contact us to extend your Trial License!

Minyaa Team

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