Minyaa 2.5.1 is released



Minyaa Suite 2.5.1 is released and available for download

This release is a fix for a blocking bug in Minyaa 2.5, and always available from JIRA 3.13.0 to JIRA 4.3 (10 distinct builds).

You missed the previous announce … See Minyaa 2.5 .

JIRA 4.3 Compatible !

Bug fixing MYAA-813

  • In previous release (2.5), a “last minute change” done for JIRA 4.3 around i18n {{1}}  properties (Task MYAA-894). This change initially assumed as minor was incompatible with other JIRA release, and has broken the load of  i18n {{1}}  properties for Minyaa Time in Administration pages, blocking the access to all other Administration pages.

If you want to discover latest features provided b Minyaa 2.5 , download your free Minyaa Suite

Download now a 1-month trial …

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