Auto-Transitions with JIRA

What may be an Auto-Transition ?

Basically, in JIRA, is considered as Auto-Transition, any Workfow Transition which has not been fired by the user through the UI.

How JIRA Community does implement Auto-Transitions

In JIRA Community, there are different ways to implement an Auto-Transition, where different definitions of Auto-Transition coexist.

You will see Auto Transition done

Identifying the Type of Auto-Transitions to use

To implement Auto-Transitions, you have to identify

  • Which transitions have to be executed ?
    • Any available Auto-Transition identified in linked Issue (sub-Task or any Linked Issues) of the current Issue
    • Any available Auto-Transition identified in any Issue
    • A Transition identified by its Id. in linked Issue (sub-Task or any Linked Issues)
  • When they have to be executed ? An Auto-Transition can be raised by different events :
    • Internal Transition : the transition is launched automatically after another transition of the same issue
    • External Transition : the transition is launched automatically after a transition of the another issue
    • Change Event : the transition is launched automatically depending on an any event related to change in the context of the issue (any Field value, Actor, Project, Version, …)
    • Temporal Event : the transition is launched automatically depending on an temporal event

Depending on these criteria, we are able to implement different types of Auto-Transition.

And then, you will be able to decide how to implement your Auto-Transition.

Auto-Transitions with Minyaa

To cover these features, Minyaa provides different mechanisms …
The Minyaa Workflows Designer allow you to qualify your transitions as Auto-Transitions or Automatic Actions.

Use Cases

Some Use Cases where Auto-Transition may be encountered :

Use Case Description Implementation
Auto-Triage A priority is applied depending different fields Automatic Actions
Auto-Assignment A user is assigned depending different fields (other than Component) Automatic Actions
Need more Information As soon as a new comment is added by the reporter/customer, the issue has to passed to the next step Auto-Transition initiated from a Listener
Inactivity No activity on the issue (Comment, Transition, Worklog, Edit) since a specified delay Auto-Transition initiated from a Auto-Transition Service
Auto-Close of linked Issue On Issue Close, we want see linked Issue, also closed. Remote-Transition initiated from a Auto-Transition Post-Function
Your Use Case … You should be able to find the good implementation to resolve your own Use Case …
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