Minyaa Suite 3.3.9 is released

Minyaa Suite 3.3.9 is released and available for download

This release is available for JIRA 4.0.0 to 5.2.9 only. Find below, all changes since Minyaa Suite 3.3.6

You missed the previous announce … See Old Release Notes blog posts .

Compatibilities for Minyaa 3.3.9:

  • Compatibility from JIRA 4.0.0 to 5.2.10

Improvements & New Features:

  • Catch Reports Configuration managed by Permission,
  • CSS review to provide a better integration in JIRA 5.x styles,
  • Enhancement of capacities of Relate Date calculation engine (Support of Business Day and Complex operations),
  • Selection Count Validator on Fix Version and Affect Version are able now to validate modified values and not only stored values,
  • Enhancement of support of  IE9 (CSS bug fix),
  • Ability to clear default Project Role in Worklog Type configuration,
  • The Meta-Attribute JIRA_META_ATTRIBUTE_WORKLOGTYPE_ALLOWED is now available by Minyaa Workflows Attributes,
  • Dedicated Menu for Scheme section.

Bug fixing:

  • Fix of Calendar CSS for JIRA 5.2.x,
  • RegExp custonfield has now a distinct Text Searcher,
  • Issue Move Post-Function supports now the new naming convention of Attachments,
  • And also different other fix …

If you want to discover these latest features download your free Minyaa Suite

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