Minyaa Suite 3.3.12 is released

Minyaa Suite 3.3.12 is released and available for download

This release is available for JIRA 4.0.0 to 6.0.1 only. Find below, all changes since Minyaa Suite 3.3.11

You missed the previous announce … See Old Release Notes blog posts .


  • Workflow Attribute Editor for Worklog Type should be a List box and not a Select.

Bug fixing related JIRA 6.0.x:

  • Extended Notification Type for Approver in Timesheet Management is broken due to “Closed APIs”
  • Worklog Reports – Capture Icon for Report Configuration is missing
  • Some Velocity Template have not the HTML Escape disabled
  • Stats Transition Report ; Field “Last Executer” is display with escaped HTML
    Worker Customfields fails due UserComparator.

Bug fixing:

  • The “creating and linking to a new [Issue Type]” method reverses the link type.
  • Some messages in Minyaa Workflow-Function may be translated in Default Language instead of User Language
  • On Log Work action, the error message “admin.errors.issues.no.permission.to.log” is not translated
  • Validation Timesheet Gadget is broken when contains Worklog without Status
  • “All Worker” Customfield was currently initiated only on Stop Working event
  • VM Template of Condition on Estimate in Minyaa Time are provided by Minyaa Workflows !
  • Workflows Conditions on Original Estimate display a view message (Condition view in Workflow editor) based on Remaining Estimate
  • Message related unallowed deletion of Issue is not translated “issue.service.delete.issue.not.allowed.by.workflow”

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