Minyaa Suite 3.3.14 is released

Minyaa Suite 3.3.14 is released and available for download

This release is available for JIRA 4.0.0 to 6.1.2 only. Find below, all changes since Minyaa Suite 3.3.13

You missed the previous announce … See Old Release Notes blog posts .


  • In Worklog Reports by Issue Type, the aggregation of Sub-Task has evolved (See details here) :
    • Their Worklogs of Parent Issues may be or not displayed as a separate line.
    • In case of Workload Report by Issue Type, it is possible to merge or not Worklogs in Parent Issue node
  • Minyaa Settings management supports now a new Setting Type : Textarea.
    Its value is stored as a Text in OSProperty
  • And it is allowing to provide a new Setting for Minyaa Time, for restricting or extending default Report Type of Minyaa Worklog Reports (Aggregation criteria).
  • Support of Issue Validation by Workflow Validator during Quick Edit

Bug fixing:

  • In order to avoid different Issue with IE navigators, button in Popup of Worklog Gadgets are replaced by a link.
  • Issue details are now correctly exported in one cell and no more in 3 separate cells
  • Groups for view restriction are now correctly rendered in Worklogger field
  • Post-Function “Move Issue” keeps now the same Issue Key if the move concerned only an Issue Type change
  • Post-Function “Move Issue” works correctly when source and target Workflows are the same;
  • In Minyaa Report, with Oracle, captured parameters without no value, are stored with NULL and causes some issues
  • Worklog Panel has side effect on Comment Icon in TabPanel when All is selected
  • ReferenceException occurs with JIRA 4.x with page of Report Scheme

If you want to discover these latest features download your free Minyaa Suite

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