Minyaa Suite 3.3.15 is released

Minyaa Suite 3.3.15 is released and available for download

This release is available for JIRA 4.0.0 to 6.1.3 only. Find below, all changes since Minyaa Suite 3.3.14

You missed the previous announce … See Old Release Notes blog posts .

New Feature:

  • A new Workflow Condition for allowing transition only if all concerned linked issues have reached a specific Issue Status. (See details here) :
    Blocking On Linked Issue Status


  • The Timespent Issue Panel provides now 2 columns for displaying the timespent against the Original Estimate and theEffevtive Estimate (Remaining + Timespent).
    Timespent Issue Panel

Bug fixing:

  • This release comes again with a set of Bug fixes related Internet Explorer 8.0.
    • Calendar in Fast Worklog Gadgets is not correctly rendered
    • Font Size are wrong

    Such IE8 bug was caused by some limitation of CSS in IE8 !

  • Creation of the technical project for Timesheet Management was broken in JIRA 6.x due to the new Project Service.

If you want to discover these latest features download your free Minyaa Suite

Download now a 1-month trial …

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