Minyaa Suite for JIRA 7.0.x (SNAPSHOT)

Today, a first version of Minyaa Suite for JIRA 7.0.x (7.1.x is not yet available) has been delivered. It is always a SNAPSHOT version for different reason (see below).

As it has been already explained to some of you, this new Minyaa Suite has been fully refactorized. With JIRA 7.0.x, Minyaa was not more able to provide its features based on new JSP (injected) or on modified JSP (One of reasons that makes Minyaa painful to install).

There was no more reason to continue with Plugin V1, and it was really time to switch to a Minyaa Suite only based on Plugin V2, and also be able to deploy it more simply.
This switch and the hope to keep the larger amount of Minyaa features available was no so easy and took more time than expected (I will not detail all technical issues encountered for completing this migration).

Then, Minyaa is back and soon with a final release.

This new Minyaa is now organised as follow :

Minyaa Worklows including :

  • From Minyaa Workflow 3.5.x

    • All Workflows Function (Condition, Validator and Post-Function) of previous
    • The Auto-Transition Management
    • The extended Workflow Meta-Attribut editors for Step only (not yet for Transition)
  • A new extended Workflow Text editor with suport of different concepts (previously supported by Minyaa Workflow Designer, developed in Flex, which is no more supported)
  • and soon, a coloration of Transition Buttons (based on Workflow  Meta-Attributes)

Minyaa Time including :

  • From Minyaa Time 3.5.x
    • The Extended Worklog page with Worklog Type, Log Work Delegation, Worklog Closure permission
    • All Worklog & Time Worklog Functions
    • The Timesheet Management
    • The Extended Worklog Issue Panel
    • The Worker Customfields
    • Minyaa Workload Reports
    • The Timespent Issue Panel
  • A new Worklog Gadget
  • A new interface for Worklog Type : The Worklog Type are now stored in Database using Active Object, without extension of JIRA ConstantManager. But Worklog Type for a logged Work are always stored using OFBiz, in order to have always a efficient way to join Worklog/Worklog Type/Issue for the Minyaa Reports

Minyaa Predefined Reports including all feature of Minyaa Report 3.5.x

Minyaa Core contains only :

  • Some common Web Resources used by Minyaa Time and Minyaa Workflows, but no more shared Java components
  • A Workflow Condition and a Workflow Validator related Global Permissions (The Custom Permission introduce by Minyaa, since JIRA 4.2.x, are now managed natively in JIRA).

And …

With these new Minyaa Plugins, some additional plugins are also deployed. They take in account the features previously provided by Minyaa Core and Minyaa Boot :

  • Alkaes License Management – JIRA Plugin : It manages license for all Alkaes Plugins (not only Minyaa),
  • Alkaes JIRA Plugin – Settings Mangement : It provides a User Interface for settings defined by each Alkaes Plugins (See Minyaa Settings Management), but also any other plugins (documentation on provided Module Type will be provided),
  • Alkaes JIRA Plugin Indexation Forced : It has been introduced due to the JRA-33293 (read this post for more details. It is required and used by the Workflow implemented by Minyaa Timesheet due to its Auto-Transition,
  • Alkaes JIRA Plugin Commons : Developped for another Alkaes Plugin (not yet public), it provides different Web-Resources required by the new Worklog Type interface. With final Minyaa version, it should also provide Web-Resources currently provided by Minyaa Core
  • Alkaes JIRA Plugin – Project Factory : Extracted from Minyaa Time, it provides different Factories allowing a plugin to create a Project using a specific Descriptor (similar as JIRA Blueprint introduced recently). It is used by the configuration processus of Mynaa Timesheet.

Why only a SNAPSHOT (for the moment) …

It is a SNAPSHOT version due to 2 fact :

  • This version of Minyaa will be ready for starting for any new users, but for existing users, all configuration migrations have not been fully provided or tested.
    • Minyaa Workflows has its own upgrade process allowing to upgrade Workflow Functions.
    • But new upgrade processes have to be implemented (Worklog Type, Customfields) and additional tests have to be completed (Timesheet, …)
  • Because all Minyaa features are not yet covered. Some plugins are not yet migrated, not for technical reason, but more for delay and feature scope reasons.

Not yet migrated plugins are :

  • Minyaa Spread : I am working on it and it should not cause difficulties
  • Minyaa Tools : This plugin was intialy providing some feature that were not classifiable in other Minyaa plugins. It should be exploded in/into different plugins (Minyaa or other plugins).

How to test this new version …

In term of version, all these new plugins adopt the following format : XXXX.Y.Z, where XXXX is the JIRA based version and Y.Z is plugin version related the provided features.

Also, today, you can download each of these plugins depending on your JIRA Version :

For JIRA 7.0.0 to 7.0.10 (Tests mainly done with 7.0.5, they have to be completed on all versions before final relase)

For JIRA 6.4.12 (last JIRA version for which Minyaa 3.5.2 was provided), the tests will have also to be completed with Configuration Upgrade process and other JIRA 6.4.x.

Note, that each of these OBR files contains all needed plugins.

Some Trial Licenses are available :

You will understand, that this SNAPSHOT can be used only in Test environment !!!

If you have time to test it, your returns will be welcome, since I did not have tested all combination of configuration, nor potential conflict with other plugins.
Note that with this version, I have take care to use a unique package root for Java and Resources in order to avoid the maximum of conflict.

About pricing …

Final prices are not yet confirmed, but they will retrieve the current JIRA Pricing Structure with :

  • Same User  Limit
  • Always a Perpetual License
  • Same upgrade and renewal conditions


And JIRA 7.1.x …

Related the support of JIRA 7.1.x, some technical issues remain related the Plugin Events (an communication update will be performed later).

Thank you for your patience !!!


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